Latest Papers: Special Issue “Electrical Power and Energy Systems for Transportation Applications”

Zhang, Y.; Li, M.; Kang, Y. PID Controller Design for UPS Three-Phase Inverters Considering Magnetic Coupling. Energies 2014, 7(12), 8036-8055; doi:10.3390/en7128036. Long, B.; Jeong, T.; Deuk Lee, J.; Jung, Y.; Chong, K. Energy Management of a Hybrid AC–DC Micro-Grid Based on a Battery Testing System. Energies 2015, 8(2), 1181-1194; doi:10.3390/en8021181. Yang, Y.; Zhang, […]

13th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET 2014)

The 13th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET 2014) is scheduled on the 25th – 28th August 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. We are pleased to release this 1st call for papers (see attached file). The deadline for your one-page abstract submission is on the 31st March 2014. Interested authors should submit a pdf or Word version of the abstract (complete the pdf model or Word model) to specifying « SET2014 / Abstract […]

European Electric Vehicle Congress. Brussels, 2nd to 5th December 2014

 European Electric Vehicle Congress. Brussels, 2nd to 5th December 2014 Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles are ready: Challenges, Opportunities and Outlook. A conference aimed at developing Synergies !   As you may know, the last edition of the European Electric Vehicle Congress gathered 393 delegates from 43 countries.  In total, 232 presentations have been made. EEVC therefore clearly strengthens its position as premier global European platform to […]