Centre for Low Carbon Futures – a collaborative membership organisation

 Twitter: @clcfprojects The Centre for Low Carbon Futures is a collaborative membership organisation that focuses on sustainability for competitive advantage. The Centre brings together engineers, natural scientists and social scientists responding to a set of global priorities on energy and climate change. We additionally shape research agendas through policy informed research questions. We achieve this by […]

Prof Paul Stewart attends first Steering Committee of Centre for Cryogenic Energy Storage

 Yesterday (13/03/14), Head of @UniOfHull School of Engineering Professor Paul Stewart attended the University of Birmingham to sit on the first Steering Committee meeting of the EPSRC funded Birmingham Centre for Cryogenic Energy Storage, Teams from the universities of Birmingham and Hull (Led by Dr Meihong Wang) will work together to create the Centre for Cryogenic […]

Prof Paul Stewart of @UniOfHull to give evidence to The Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee

 The Energy and Climate Change Committee will take evidence on Low Carbon Innovation on Tuesday 18 March 2014 in the Wilson Room, Portcullis House. Inquiry: Low Carbon Innovation Energy and Climate Change Committee Witnesses Panel 1, at 9.30am: Dr Helen Meese, Head of Engineering in Society, Engineering The Future Professor Jim Watson, Research Director, UK […]