ICMAT 2011 Singapore: Final Session – Sensing / Probes

Symposium Chair Prof Dave Fernig of the University of Liverpool closing the Symposium

Thursday 1st July was the final day of the Fontiers in Optical Bio-Imaging and Microscopy Symposium

AA8-1 (Invited Talk)

Looking for Clues – Solving Complex Problems with Biologically Inspired Heuristics

Paul Stewart and Jun Chen (University of Lincoln), David Fernig (University of Liverpool), Laurence Duchesne (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France)


New Probes for Imaging: Ligand Shells for Nanoparticles

David Fernig (University of Liverpool), Laurence Duchesne (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France)

Martin Lear, National University of Singapore presents 'Fluorescent Labelling of Drugs and Natural Products'

Finally Colin Dowding closed our participation in the conference today by presenting:


Topography of Features Machined into Bisphenol A Polycarbonate Using Closed Thick Film Flowing Filtered Water Immersed KrF Excimer Laser Ablation

Colin Dowding, Jonathan Lawrence and Paul Stewart (University of Lincoln.

in the Nanoscale Characterization session

ICMAT 2011 Frontiers in Optical Bio-Imaging and Microscopy Symposium: Photothermal Microscopy Session

Dr Laurence Duchesne presenting

Monday 27th June 2011, ICMAT 2011 Singapore

Heparan Sulfate Determines the Modes of Diffusion of Fibroblast Growth Factor2 within the Pericellular Matrix
Laurence DUCHESNE1, Vivien OCTEAU2, Rachel BEARON3, Paul STEWART4, Jun CHEN5, Ian PRIOR6, Alison BECKETT6, Brahim LOUNIS2, David FERNIG7#+
1Institut du Fer à Moulin, UMR-S 839 INSERM, University Pierre and Marie Curie, France, 2University of Bordeaux, France, 3Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, 4School of Engineering, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, 5Department of Engineering, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, 6Physiological Laboratory, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, 7Structural and Chemical biology, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Katie Wilson presenting


Biological Imaging Using Ultra-Stable Nanoparticles

Katie  WILSON (University of Liverpool), Laurence DUCHESNE, Patricia MURRAY (University of Liverpool), Matthew ROSSEINSKY (University of Liverpool), David FERNIG

ICMAT 2011 Singapore

View towards the waterfront from our hotel

Our Symposium “AA” Frontiers in Optical Bio-Imaging and Microscopy kicks off tomorrow and runs for the whole week as one of the parallel conference sessions.

Researchers from the Universities of Lincoln and Liverpool have been arriving and battling jet lag over the weekend.

Laurence Duchesne will be kicking off proceedings tomorrow afternoon with

Heparan Sulphate Determines the Modes of Diffusion of Fibroplast Growth Factor 2 Within the Pericellular Matrix

In the Photothermal Microscopy session

view of the atrium in the Singapore Holiday Inn Atrium, where we are staying this week
L-R Prof Dave Fernig (1), Dr Colin Dowding (2), Dr Laurence Duchesne (3), Dr Raphael Levy (1). 1:Institute of Integrative Biology, University of Liverpool. 2:School of Engineering, University of Lincoln. 3: Institut du Fer a Moulin, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

Travelling out to ICMAT 2011

Currently waiting to board an A380 to fly out to Singapore via Dubai. A group of us are heading out as invited speakers for the

International Conference on Materials for Advanced Materials, which kicks off at The Suntec Conference Centre in Singapore on Sunday.

Paul Stewart and Colin Dowding from the School of Engineering will be joining Prof DAVE Fernig from the University of Liverpool, and Dr Laurence Duchesne from INSERM At the Institut Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris.

Profs Stewart and Fernig will be delivering extended invited talks in the Frontiers in Optical Bio-imaging and Microscopy Symposium. Prof Stewart’s talk will cover the Bio:Eng interface which he is working on with Dave and Laurence.