Partners on the EU FP7 Advanced Airship project: Engys

Organization: Engys Ltd Short name: Engys


General Description

Engys specialise in the application, development and support of CFD and optimisation software for industry. En- gys is a group of engineers and software developers with more than 10 year experience each in management and delivery of CAE solutions across various industrial sectors, including automotive, aerospace, built environments, consumer products and others. Extensive experience (+10 years) in the use of OPENFOAM and many other commercial CAE codes, such as Fluent, CFX, StarCCM+, Star-CD, ANSA, ICEM-CFD, CATIA, SolidWorks, Ensight, Paraview, etc. Strong background on CFD for low speed external aerodynamics. Engys methods are fully suitable to calculate the aerodynamic response of the cruiser/feeder concept operating at low Mach numbers in low density air. Extensive experience (+8 years) in the application of multi-disciplinary optimisation tech- niques using commercial and Open Source tools (e.g. modeFRONTIER, DAKOTA), including: Design Of Ex- periments (DOE), Optimisation algorithms, Sensitivity/Statistical Analysis, Robust design and reliability design (uncertainty quantification), Surrogate and regression models for prediction and data mining, Development of a native solver in OPENFOAM for Adjunct topology and shape optimisation, including determination of surface sensitivities based on predefined objective cost functions.

Main related expertise

Paolo Geremia MSc, Paolo received his Laurea Magistrale degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Trieste in 2002. From 2002 to 2010 Paolo worked at ESTECO Srl, developers and resellers of the multi- disciplinary optimisation code modeFRONTIER. Paolo has extensive experience in process integration, optimi- sation, meta-modelling and application of multiple CAE tools for industrial scale applications.

Dipl-Ing. Thomas Schumacher MSc, Thomas received his Dipl.-Ing. degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Technische Universität Berlin. He further received an MSc degree with distinction in Aerospace Dynamics from Cranfield University in 2002. From 2002 to 2009 Thomas carried out extensive CFD analysis for the Environ- mental Control System department at Airbus in Hamburg, including 5 years working onsite.

Dr. Andrew Jackson PhD MSc DIC, Andrew received his BEng in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Manchester, UK in 1991. He later received his Msc and PhD in Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics from the same institution in 1995. Andrew also pursued a post-doctorate from Imperial College (1999). Over the past 15 years he has been heavily involved in the fields of aerospace aerodynamics and development of CFD mesh generation methods, including extensive work for Airbus UK.

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